Exciting News!!

Hello Friends,

Its been a long time since we have given any updates.  A lot of exciting things have been happening for Jeffrey Alan.  We have been SUPER busy lately, so we wanted to take a moment to give a you a few snapshot updates.  Here is a buzz feed style list of all the happenings:


1. Justine Davis is Officially a Member

If you have made it out to our last few shows, you have seen Justine Davis grace the stage with her talented self.  She has brought a new dimension to our songs, and breathed life into them in ways that we never expected or imagined.  So, we decided to have "The Talk" and make it official.

2. We are writing new material.

The last couple of months have been filled with a new sense of focus and direction when it comes to writing.  We are becoming more comfortable with ourselves and more comfortable with the way we play together.  Every day our sound is becoming more focused and cohesive.  This is very apparent when it comes to the new material we are writing.  We are very excited to share this new material with you, whether it be at an upcoming show, or new recordings.  Which, brings us to number 3....


3. Recordings Are Being Made.

We plan on releasing a new single in the next couple of weeks.  It will be available as a free download (location tbd).  In addition, we hope to release a new EP in the beginning of 2015.  Be on the look out for both of those things!




As of right now, Jeffrey Alan will go by the name "Fate of Fools."  With the new focused direction, new member, and hopes of potentially rounding out our line up  further at some point, this decision just made sense.  We hope the new material will truly be OUR songs.  We will, in the meantime be playing some of the old material as we begin to introduce the new.




I think that pretty much sums everything up at this point.  Be sure to like our new Facebook page, follow us on twitter, and follow us on instagram to stay updated on all of the latest happenings.  FateofFools.com will be coming soon!