A New Era...

When we went into the studio to record "Someday" we were in a much different place than we are now, both sonically as well as people.  While we look forward to (and hope you do too) the final release of this project, we hope that you bear with us as we are still figuring out our sound and identity as Jeffrey Alan.  Recreating the exact sound we had on the recording live as a two piece band is impossible. While we are not going to scrap the material by any means, we are reworking it.  We believe that it is for the better.  We are also in the process of writing new material that fits our current situation a little better. Hopefully YOU, the fans that support us will be happy with the results.

The future looks bright for Jeffrey Alan.  We will be playing around NYC as much as possible in the coming months.  We hope to see you all out at the shows!  We also plan  on doing some rough demo versions of our new/reworked material sooner than later.  We have no definite plans beyond this point, but hope to be able to do some traveling soon.  We are also looking into the possibility of doing a kickstarter (or something similar) campaign late in 2014.

So stay tuned for more great music!

And thank you for all of your support!!

With love,