Live from the streets of NYC.


Born and raised in a small town in the “middle-of-nowhere” Illinois, Jeff Lotz came out of the womb singing. If he wasn’t singing in church Christmas pageants, school choir, or singing along with the country music radio stations that play everywhere in the Midwest, you could find him belting away somewhere for his own entertainment. One day an acquaintance of the family gave him his first guitar and the rest is history.

      Jeff Lotz began performing as a vocalist for “metalcore” bands during high school, and later played guitar in a Jersey based “progressive rock” band. While this newest project, "Jeffrey Alan" is a bit of a leap from his previous projects (particularly the metalcore), Jeff  brings the same energy and life to the stage that he has brought since day one.


      In the fall of 2012 Jeff met Brett Pontecorvo. Brett is a musical director for musical theater in New York City. He worked along side of Jeff for the recording of Jeffrey Alan's debut EP. In the Spring of 2013 Brett Pontecorvo became the first additional member of Jeffrey Alan.